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Impact of health care decision


MADISON (WKOW) – We now know that Wisconsin's health care exchange will be run by the Federal government, but what does that mean for your coverage?

WKOW spoke with Michael Jacob, Project Coordinator at Covering Kids and Families, a statewide organization that aims to get people insured. "Really, for folks on the ground, whether it's state run or federally run, that shouldn't have a lot of impact on them," he said.

There are important dates of which to be aware. According to Jacob, people can begin signing up for the new programs in October of 2013 and actually join the exchanges in January of 2014. The details about new coverage options most likely won't be available for months.

"Badgercare will exist as a good foundation for people to get coverage, the exchanges will wrap around that, they will sort of intersect with the employer provided coverage system," he said. No one who already has health insurance will be left without it, according to Jacob. That especially includes those with pre-existing conditions.

Jacob said, "They, along with everyone else, especially people who are in that sort of middle income range who don't have coverage available through their employer, they're now going to be eligible for coverage through the exchanges and it's that group in particular that should pay attention come spring, come summer, when these details start coming out to see where they fit in."

The period where everything is switching over may be confusing for people but Jacob said the government's goal is to provide a website to sign up for these exchanges as user-friendly possible.

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