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Injured officer in Sikh Temple shooting speaks out

OAK CREEK (WKOW) -- Oak Creek police officer Brian Murphy was critically hurt during the mass shooting at the Sikh Temple.

Now he's telling his story of survival.

Murphy was the first officer on scene after the shooting was reported.

He exchanged gunfire with gunman Wade Michael Page and was hit a total of 15 times, 12 bullets hit his body and three went into his protective vest.

Murphy said he stayed calm and focused on his breathing.

"It got quiet. It got very warm. Your eyes start getting a little bit heavy and I thought, I'm not going out like this. I refuse to go out on a parking lot. It's not happening."

Murphy went through a 12-hour surgery to treat his injuries.

Now, he undergoes physical therapy twice a week.

He'll have surgery on his voice box and thumb in the near future.

He also says he's gotten stronger mentally and says he hasn't much thought about forgiving Page.

"My forgiveness has no bearing on the matter. And honestly, I give him the least amount of thought possible. I don't want to give him any more power than he already took. I just don't. He doesn't deserve it."

Murphy is now on leave from the police department, but hopes to know by the end of the year if returning to the force is medically possible.

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