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Walker wants Madison interstate project on schedule

MADISON (WKOW) -- Governor Scott Walker says he's inclined to stay on schedule with plans to expand Interstate 39-90 between Madison and the Illinois state line. 

In its budget request, the state Department of Transportation said the project and the reconstruction of Milwaukee's zoo interchange would have to be delayed if there wasn't more money in D-O-T's upcoming budget.

Walker said he wants to keep the timelines in place for those projects to create better traffic flow and help with economic development.

But he said there are concerns in doing that.

"With one or two big projects like that, they're back on schedule, does that delay smaller projects elsewhere in the state? And really between now and February when I put our budget out, that's going to be one of the things we're struggling with."

The governor ruled out increasing the gas tax and adding toll roads to help the state pay for transportation projects, saying the state needs to find a better way.

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