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Two mall employees injured by shoplifting suspect

MADISON (WKOW) -- Madison Police say two employees of the Boston Store in West Towne Mall were injured during a confrontation with a retail theft suspect.

The two loss prevention officers pursued two men suspected of stealing more than $1,500 of clothing from the store.

Police say one of the suspects dropped merchandise he was carrying and ran off, and that the loss prevention officers chased down the other suspect.

In the resulting struggle in the parking lot, one of the employees was punched in the face and the other was grabbed by the throat. But the two were able to hold the suspect down until police officers arrived.

Police say one man had a black and blue lip, and the other was finding it hard to swallow and his voice was hoarse.

The suspect, 21-year-old Darriell Banks of Madison, was arrested for strangulation, battery and retail theft.

The suspect who ran away is at large. Police have not given his name but say he is 26 years old.



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