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Local business owner reflects on meeting the President

NEW GLARUS (WKOW) -- A New Glarus business owner is back in Wisconsin doing what she does best, running her brewery. Earlier this week, Deb Carey got to meet with the President and Vice President of the United States.

"Our goal has always been to make world class beer and then we'll see where it takes us," Carey said about the New Glarus Brewery Company she founded with her husband in 1993. That world class beer has taken her all the way to the White House.

After arriving in Washington, D.C. Tuesday, she got an email. It said the President would be attending the meeting with other small business owners from across the country. "It was really, really exciting," Carey said.

The President may have been equally excited to meet her. After learning the Wisconsin-native owned a brewery, he asked for her professional opinion on the beer the White House makes. Carey said, "Then the meeting becomes very serious and we're all discussing ideas but in the middle of it, he's like 'Where's the beer? Is somebody bringing her beer or what?"

Aside from brew talk, Carey and the other small business owners could share their ideas about how to make small businesses better with the President and Vice President. She voiced concerns about finding skilled labor. She said they tossed around ideas about adding more tech classes to high schools.

She's needed to hire more employees over the years. The New Glarus business, which started in an old, abandoned warehouse has blossomed over almost two decades. They now make about 20 kinds of beer and will produce 128,000 barrels this year. All of the product is sold in Wisconsin. 

"I never envisioned this, we're all very proud of it, it takes a lot of people to make this happen," she said.

The White House did send Carey home with some of their beer. She plans on saving some and opening one bottle so she can give them her feed back.

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