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Sheboygan man must pay $36,000 in funeral costs

SHEBOYGAN (WKOW) – A Sheboygan man convicted of fatally shooting a Hmong man has been ordered to pay $36,000 to cover funeral costs.

According to the Sheboygan Press, 20-year-old victim Pheng Lee was given a traditional Hmong funeral that lasted more than three days and included food and drink for all 500 guests.

Twenty-two-year-old Kou Yang was convicted in the shooting and is serving an 18-year prison sentence.

The defense argued the amount Yang had to pay for the funeral was excessive.  Defense attorney Casey Hoff told the judge Friday that an average funeral costs about $8,000.  Hoff said $36,000 was "extremely high."

Judge L. Edward Stengel said he believed the victim's family was following tradition, not running up the will with the expectation of being compensated.

Yang testified that he has no savings or assets of note.

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