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Would-be drug dealer delivers soap

MADISON (WKOW) -- A drug deal doesn't pass the smell test and ends in robbery. 

Friday afternoon, a 53-year-old Madison man hooked-up on the north side with someone he believed to be a drug dealer, a person from whom he hoped to purchase crack cocaine.

The victim drove the man to a Troy Drive apartment complex.  The older man stayed in his car while 39-year-old Jermaine T. Ruffin went into the building.  Ruffin emerged with a baggie containing a chunky white substance.

The victim, no stranger to the scent of the drug, took a whiff, and told the man it wasn't crack, but instead some type of soap or deodorant.  He then grabbed his $100 bill he had just handed the would-be courier.

Ruffin responded by hitting the man in the head.  The victim secured the bill in his mouth as the two proceeded to fight outside of the car.  During the struggle, a 35-year-old woman heard the victim yelling for help.  She got between the men just as police arrived.

Ruffin told police he thought he had secured real drugs from inside the complex.  He would not say, however, which apartment he visited, so police were not able to determine if the evidence collected was soap, deodorant or possibly some type of cleaning product. 

Ruffin was arrested for attempted strong-armed robbery and for falsely presenting a non-controlled substance.

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