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Unwanted attention leads to an arrest outside Walgreens

MADISON (WKOW) -- Madison police were called to the Walgreens near Whitney Way and Tokay Boulevard Friday evening.

A 15-year-old girl was inside shopping when she began receiving unwanted attention from a grown man.

The teenager said a stranger began "chcking me out".  An employee of Walgreens was watching and said the 48-year-old man stood directly behind the girl, moving his head up and down, as if he was scanning her body.

He asked the teen if they could talk, to which she politely declined.  The man then became enraged, yelling "Do you think you are too good for me?  I can handle you."

The situation began escalating and two store managers intervened with hopes of getting the man out of the store. 

The suspect, Sharif Hamzah, continued to yell and swear, threatening to batter one of the managers. 

When police arrived, Hamzah continued to yell.  He told the officer he was angry about getting kicked out.  Hamzah was arrested for disorderly conduct and carrying a concealed weapon, after a knife was discovered in his pocket.

Walgreens staff has asked the suspect be banned from the store. 

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