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Wis. court nixes $125K award in hair-in-steak case

MADISON (WKOW) -- A West bend man will not collect $125,000 in damages for finding a human hair in his steak at a Texas Roadhouse restaurant.

In February 2008, Kevin Hansen, visited the restaurant in West Bend. After he complained his steak was overcooked, a manager offered him a replacement steak he could take home.

Cook Ryan Kropp then stuffed some of his hair into a slit he cut in the new steak because he believed Hansen just wanted free food. 

Hansen sued Texas Roadhouse. A jury found the restaurant wasn't negligent and Kropp acted on his own, but still said the restaurant owed Hansen $125,000 in punitive and compensatory damages.

The 2nd District Court of Appeals ruled the damage award was improper. The court said the blame lies with Kropp and the restaurant didn't cause his conduct.

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