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Starbucks pays millions in British taxes

LONDON (WKOW) -- Starbucks is set to pay millions of dollars in British taxes over the next two years. In all, Starbucks will pay around 16 million U.S. dollars after being accused by the country's lawmakers of "immorally" avoiding tax.

UK managing director Kris Engskov said Thursday that the firm had agreed to pay more than required by law, because "our customers clearly expect us to do more." The company has 700 British outlets, but says it has yet to turn a profit, and has paid just 8.6 million pounds in corporation tax in 14 years.

Starbucks says this is due to a process involving paying royalties to its European headquarters in the Netherlands. Following criticism from lawmakers and a campaign by protest group U.K. Uncut, Starbucks said this week that it was reviewing its tax approach.

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