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UW-Madison student reaches plea deal in Montee Ball attack

Wendell Venerable Wendell Venerable

MADISON (WKOW) -- A UW-Madison student accused of being a part of an attack against Badger football star Montee Ball has reached a plea agreement with prosecutors.

21-year-old Wendell Venerable is scheduled to enter a plea and be sentenced December 17.
Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne and Venerable's attorney, Brian Hough have yet to return calls from 27 News.
Venerable, Robert Wilks and Deonte Wilson are charged with felony substantial battery after Ball was attacked around bar time on University Avenue August 1. Ball sustained a concussion and other injuries, and missed practice time prior to the Badgers' season.
Wilks and Wilson remain scheduled for trial later this month.
Wilks' father, Robert Wilks, Sr. says he is unaware of whether Venerable's agreement will involve Venerable providing testimony against the others, who are also UW-Madison students. Attorneys for Wilks and Wilson have yet to return calls to 27 News.
Venerable was injured in a fight with football players at a party just days before the attack on Ball. Authorities say the attack on Ball was believed to be retaliation for that fight.  
Police officials recommended felony charges against unnamed Badger players, and a misdemeanor charge against Venerable, but Ozanne declined to bring charges, saying some information on what happened was conflicting, and proving cases to juries was unlikely.
Madison police spokesperson Joel DeSpain says a fourth suspect in the attack on Ball has been identified. DeSpain had no information Friday on whether that person's arrest was imminent.
DeSpain also tells 27 News investigators have revised their original statement Ball was attacked by five people. DeSpain says detectives have determined there were only four attackers.
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