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UPDATE: Autopsy shows Janesville woman strangled

JANESVILLE (WKOW)-- Autopsy results show how Janesville resident Traci Moyer died early Saturday morning.

Her death was ruled a strangulation.

Police found her inside a home at 315 West Racine Street at 3:00 a.m. Saturday morning.

Police say the only other person inside was her estranged husband, Krystopher Carlisle, the homeowner.

He was found unconscious and is currently being treated at Mercy Hospital for a medical condition.

The homicide is still under investigation. Police haven't released any information about a possible suspect in Moyer's death.



JANESVILLE (WKOW) -- Janesville police identified the victim of what they believe is a homicide as 46-year-old Traci L. Moyer. They were dispatched to 315 W. Racine Street to check on her welfare early Saturday morning after she had not returned home as expected.

Police say when they arrived, Moyer was dead and her estranged husband, 54-year-old Krystopher R.R. Carlisle was in medical distress.

Carlisle was taken to Mercy Hospital where he is being treated. An autopsy or Moyer is scheduled for Sunday. Police say it appears to be homicide but they will know more after the autopsy.


JANESVILLE (WKOW)-- Janesville police are investigating what they think is a homicide.

A woman was found dead in a home at 315 West Racine Street at 3:00 a.m. Saturday morning.

Police officers checking on her well being found her dead inside the home.

Neighbors we spoke to say the victim had a kind and gentle personality and was the kind of neighbor anyone would love to have.

"She was really a wonderful person and I just hate to see that this is how she had to go out and meet the lord. It's also kind of devastating that it happened in this neighborhood. This is a good neighborhood. When something like this happens in your neighborhood, especially across the street from us, that's just really strange," Cheryl Gent says.

Neighbors also say the house where everything happened is currently owned by the victim's husband and she was not living there at the time. They say she was renting an apartment on the other side of Janesville.

Neighbors also said the victim and her husband were going through a divorce and that she had two teenage daughters.

Police are investigating to determine the exact cause of death.


JANESVILLE (WKOW)-- A woman was found dead in a Janesville home early Saturday morning and Janesville police investigators say she's the victim of an apparent homicide.

Reports say the home was on the 300 block of West Racine Street and police tape still surrounded the home at 315 West Racine Saturday evening.

A Janesville Gazette report says no one has been arrested, but one man who was in the house was taken to a hospital with unspecified medical issues.

Police Deputy Chief Danny Davis says officers were called to the home around 3:00 a.m. Saturday to check on a woman who was late getting home. Officers forced open the door and found her dead inside the home.

The Gazette report quoted Davis as saying it appears the death was a homicide, but they're waiting until an autopsy reveals the actual cause of death.

Davis says the public isn't in any danger.

The man's medical condition has yet to be released. Davis says it's not clear whether or not he played role in the apparent homicide.

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