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Guardian of mall shooter speaks out

PORTLAND (WKOW) -- The woman who raised the suspected Oregon mall shooter is speaking out.

Tami Roberts is the biological aunt of Jacob Roberts, though she refers to herself as his mother. Jacob lived with his aunt since the age of two, when his mother, Tami's younger sister, died of Hodgkin's disease.

Tami says she was near the mall the day of the shooting. She heard the sirens and saw the police cars, but it wasn't until several hours later when detectives knocked on her door did she find out that her son was the shooter.

Tami says she lost contact with Jake four years ago; about the same time she remembers a change in his demeanor when he found out that he couldn't become a Marine because of an injury to his foot.

"What Jake did was wrong but as his mother, he'll always be in my heart," Tami says. "I love him very much."

Tami says she wants all of the victim's families to know what she is sorry for what happened.

The Clackamas Town Center is expected to reopen Friday.

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