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UPDATE: Jurors to be brought in from another county in Armin Wand murder trial

Armin Wand III, 34 Armin Wand III, 34

ARGYLE (WKOW) -- The lawyer for Armin Wand III is happy with a judge's decision to bring jurors in from another county for his murder trial.

Green County Public Defender Guy Taylor told 27 News, "My request was for the entire Madison media market and I believe the judge's decision took that into consideration."

The judge's order did not specify which counties jurors should come from, but said they should not come from the Dane or Lafayette County media markets.

Taylor filed a motion Thursday to dismiss the First Degree Intentional Homicide count that was filed earlier this month for Armin Wand's unborn baby.


ARGYLE (WKOW) -- Jurors will be brought in from another county in the murder trial of Armin Wand III, the man accused of setting fire to his home in order to kill his family.

The case is out of Lafayette County, but Green County Judge Thomas Vale is overseeing the trial after Wand and his brother Jeremy Wand, 18, requested a new judge. The two will have separate trials.

The Wand brothers are both charged with First Degree Intentional Homicide, Attempted Homicide and Arson after prosecutors say Armin Wand came up with a plan to kill his family in order to collect on their life insurance policies. His three young sons were killed. His wife and daughter survived, although his wife is still in the hospital. Prosecutors added another homicide charge this month for the unborn baby Sharon Wand was carrying. Both defendants have pleaded not guilty.

Wednesday, Judge Vale ordered jurors be brought in from another county for Armin Wand's trial because of intense media coverage of the case. The order further states "the jury will be selected from another county outside of Dane and Lafayette County media markets." It did not specify which county the jurors would come from.

Armin Wand's trial is scheduled for February 25, 2013 in Lafayette County Circuit Court.


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