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Father talks about daughter lost in CT school shooting

NEWTOWN (WKOW) -- Robbie Parker became the first grieving parent to make any public comment after 20 first graders were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday.

His six-year-old daughter, Emilie, was among those killed.

Parker spoke with reporters, saying the world was a better place with Emilie in it.

"She was the type of person who could just light up the room," Parker said before fighting back tears. "She always had something kind to say about anybody. And her love, and the strength that she gave us, and the example that she showed us is remarkable. She is an incredible person, and I am so blessed to be her dad."

Six adults were shot and killed at the school, as well, including 27-year-old substitute teacher Vicki Soto.

Today, her family said they were told Soto threw herself at the gunman to try and protect the students in her classroom.

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