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Local Sikh community holds ceremony for Connecticut victims

MIDDLETON (WKOW)-- A community still dealing with a tragedy of their own paid tribute to the victims and families in Newtown, Connecticut. Merely four months after the tragic shooting at an Oak Creek Temple that killed six people in August, the Sikh community is shaken by yet another shooting.

"It's still very fresh in our minds, the events of Oak Creek. We lost brothers and sisters in that tragedy and it's happening too many times again and again in the last two to three years," Harry Brar from the Wisconsin-Madison Sikh Society explains.

Sunday afternoon over a hundred members of the Sikh temple in Middleton gathered in prayer, honoring the 27 victims from Connecticut. Deeply saddened by the attack, members turn to the all encompassing support of their religion.

"When you search for a reason why this happened to 5-year-olds, 6-year-old kids there is no logical reason. The only thing we can rely on is your deep conviction in your religion and in your faith and try to get the strength to go on with life," temple member Randeep Dang says.

Members prayed for strength and support to the families of all the victims, concluding with a one minute moment of silence. Many members have followed the news over the last 48 hours. They watched as the father of one child who was killed Friday asked the nation to pray for the shooter's family as well.

"This speaks volumes for this community's patience and their love and it also talks about the way they're handling the tragedy," Brar says.

In their faith, it's a message that reminds them of who we are as human beings. Forgiving those who wronged us and sharing love in these trying times of grief.

"As a country and as a community we need to understand that we need to put a stop to all this," Brar says.

Sunday night at 7:30 p.m. members hosted a candlelit vigil in honor of the families in Connecticut. Many members also traveled to Brookfield for the ceremony at the Oak Creek Temple Saturday night.

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