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DOT tips if you have to drive

Courtesy: Wis. Dept. of Transportation Courtesy: Wis. Dept. of Transportation

MADISON (WKOW) -- Officials are not advising that anyone drive on the roadways on Thursday. However, they also understand that in some cases, particularly emergencies, driving in hazardous weather conditions is necessary.

If you must head out on the roadways, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation that you check winter road conditions before leaving your home by calling 5-1-1. In addition, if you must drive during the storm there are several tips officials advise.

First, you should plan ahead and allow plenty of extra time for travel. Also, clear snow and ice from all windows and lights before driving. You should always go slow and remember the posted speed limits are for dry pavement. You should watch for slippery bridge decks which ice up sooner than pavement. Be sure to leave room for maintenance vehicles and plows. Make sure you are driving alert and sober and leave plenty of room for stopping.Do not use cruise control in wintry conditions. Always wear seatbelts and keep both hands on the wheel. Keep a charged cell phone handy. Keep at least a half tank of gas in your vehicle. Finally, you should inform people, like a friend or family member, of your travel plans and approximate arrival time.

You can find more driving tips on the WisDOT website, by clicking here.

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