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Shoppers rush to malls and shops for last minute gifts

MADISON (WKOW)-- Since the storm closed most businesses Thursday families rushed to the malls and local shops Friday morning.

Businesses couldn't be happier. Snow days are typically good for holiday shopping, because it gives shoppers a free day to get things done. But when the weather gets so bad the businesses have to close up shop they miss out on a lot potential business.

Losing just one day in the holiday shopping season could easily spell disaster for small businesses.

"It's slowly starting to pick back up again," says shop owner Simon Tsang.

Lucky for Tsang, who owns Geek Plastiq at Hilldale Mall, Friday's shopping crowd was eager to make up for missed time.

"They're coming in droves," says Tsang.

Many shoppers are simply running out of time.

"We just started so I'm not optimistic but we're going to keep, we're going to keep looking," one shopper says.

Some have even come up with unique ways to describe the madness.

"Accelerated consumerism," holiday shopper Charles Stone laughs.

Since the roads were still a little slick this Thursday morning many malls decided to open up a little later than usual. At Hilldale Mall they actually opened up at noon making the aisles between the stores even busier.

"It was crazy busy today. I'm assuming everyone had the same issues. They couldn't go out yesterday so all the stores are crammed today," shopper Matt Liebhauser says.

Stores were crammed with line after line of holiday shoppers, some with very specific lists of presents others are left to fend for themselves.

"This is the one year everyone says oh, just get me whatever you want. That's always the hardest thing to shop for cuz then you have 10 million things you could get," says Chris Sielaff.

For business owners the clock is ticking as we head into the final stretch before Christmas.

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