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As city reflects on storm response, cleanup continues through week

MADISON (WKOW) -- It's been almost a week since the blizzard here in Madison, and now, city officials are looking back on how they handled the storm and the mess it left behind.

The Madison Streets Department was working overtime the past week, and they're still cleaning up from last Thursday's storm. Streets Superintendent Chris Kelley says despite preparing early for the snow, some conditions-- like ice packed on the roads-- is unavoidable.

Crews will be working to scrape off as much as they can and finish up areas they haven't gotten to yet like alleys and bus stops. Kelley says some obstacles got in the way of cleanup on Thursday, like power outages and logistical issues.

"We had problems with trucks breaking down, we had issues with vehicles pushing the snow, we had snowbanks higher than 3-5 feet high, we couldn't push it so we had to go in with loaders," says Kelley.

Kelly says crews had to take time out of plowing streets to dig people out of their homes when the power went out, and help them get someplace warm. Kelley says in the end, it'll probably cost the city about half a million dollars for storm cleanup because they brought contractors in early and kept them out later.

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