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SYSK--Sina Davis and Selena Pettigrew

MADISON (WKOW) -- A neighborhood that used to be known for crime and several police calls is improving. Madison police say the Allied Drive community is changing. It's thanks in part to two very determined women. Elishah Oesch introduces you to Sina Davis and Selena Pettigrew, two women you should know.  

"When they see us coming out with another flyer or something, they think, oh my God here they come." Those are the words of Sina and Selena, the dynamic duo making a difference in the Allied Drive community.

"Allied is totally different," says Sina. "It's changed. At one time I wouldn't walk down Allied, but now it's not a problem," says Selena.

Still Allied has it's problems including safety issues. But, police do say while things have a ways to go they are getting better. It's due in large part to Sina and Selena's efforts as the leaders of the Allied Neighborhood Association.

"These women work tirelessly to make sure children and families have a quality of life that's improved," says Michael Johnson, the CEO of the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County.

Sina and Selena work closely with the club, the Fitchburg police department, the mayors of Madison and Fitchburg, and the people of the community to bridge a racial gap, and help provide services to the area.

"You think about the fresh mobile that truck goes around the entire city. In areas where you have food dessert. It was them who helped get that off the ground," says Johnson. "Tthese women work tirelessly to make sure children and families have a quality of life that's improved."

Among all the other things Sina and Selena do for the community they help raise money for food and were able to feed more than 300 people this past Thanksgiving. 

"Anything I can do to help a person out, I will do it," says Selena. Anything from women's outreach, to safety improvements, to giving input on various boards. Not to mention, bringing a sense of unity to the area, no matter what. "Don't give up. You just don't give up," says Sina.






































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