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Wis. sheriffs involved in hurricane relief

GRANT COUNTY (WKOW) -- Several of Wisconsin's law enforcement officials have been involved in giving back and helping to provide relief to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Several Wisconsin Sheriff's and many of their employees and department supporters pulled out their wallets and helped provide necessary financial help to four Sheriffs employees in Union County New Jersey. Officials in Wisconsin sent more than $36,000 to four Sheriffs employees there. It was all a part of the state-wide disaster relief effort, called Sheriffs Adopting Sheriffs.

Sheriffs Adopting Sheriffs was organized and coordinated by the Badger State Sheriffs' Association. The project is designed to help Sheriffs deputies and their families who have been personally impacted by a natural or manmade disaster. The relief project was authorized by BSSA President, Sheriff Steve Michek of Iowa County following continued national news coverage of the many hurricane victims who were reportedly not receiving disaster assistance from other state or federal agencies.

"When these types of major disasters occur," says Sheriff Michek, "there are many victims and people who suffer major losses. However, too often lost in the mix of these disasters is the fact that emergency responders themselves suffer personal and family losses while still being expected to go to work, do their jobs, and to continue serving others." This project is designed to bring a little financial relief to those Sheriffs employees who leave their families and go to work every day to help others.

Following the ongoing news coverage of Hurricane Sandy relief effort difficulties, BSSA Executive Director Dean C. Meyer, who developed and coordinated this project, sent Sheriffs Adopting Sheriffs project information to the New Jersey State Sheriffs' Association. That information eventually made its way to Union County Sheriff Ralph Froehlich. Sheriff Froehlich responded in a letter to Meyer documenting the personal loss suffered by four of his Sheriffs Officers. Meyer then shared Sheriff Froehlich's letter with each Wisconsin Sheriff. In just over six weeks, 54 of Wisconsin's Sheriffs, their employees and local supporters raised just over $36,300. That money was divided by four and each Union County Sheriffs employee was sent a check in the amount of $9,074.

Sheriff Nate Dreckman says, the Grant County Sheriff's Office participated in the project and raised almost $900 to send to the Union County Sheriffs employees in New Jersey. Sheriff Nate Dreckman was supportive of this relief project because he realizes that a tragedy could happen anytime, anywhere and we need to support those people who continue to serve the public, while putting their own lives back together.


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