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FDA proposes new food safety rules

WASHINGTON (WKOW) -- The Food and Drug Administration's latest action is being hailed as good for consumers and food companies. 

The agency is proposing new safety rules to prevent foodborne illnesses.

It comes in the wake of outbreaks linked to peanuts, cantaloupe and leafy greens.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says 1 in 6 people got sick last year due to some kind of food poisoning.

Food safety Director with Pew Health Group, Sandra Eskin, says she's elated with the news.

"For the first time, rather than reacting to problems once they happen, FDA is going to be able to prevent problems before people get sick and before food needs to be recalled."

The proposal calls for farmers to take more precautions against contamination on their farms, and food companies will be required to submit food safety plans to the government.

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