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Gun shows near Newtown canceled

NEWTOWN, Conn. (WKOW) -- Four gun shows were called off Saturday in the region around Newtown, Connecticut, in the wake of December's mass shooting at the city's Sandy Hook Elementary School. 

Since the shooting, gun control advocates have renewed their complaints that the rules for buying weapons at gun shows are much less strict than for buying from a licensed gun dealer.

But amid the talk of gun bans coming out of Washington, attendance at gun shows has been up in parts of the country, like the one Keith Kallstrom was working this weekend in Minnesota.

"A lot of people really think the government is going to take some strong actions to limit purchases and possessions," said Kallstrom, a private gun seller. "So everybody wants to get their toys."

The FBI reports a record 2.8 million background checks of would-be gun buyers in 2012.

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