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Local dairy hauler blind-sided by Golden Guernsey closing

WAUKESHA (WKOW) -- The sudden closing of the Golden Guernsey milk plant in Waukesha is also impacting dairy haulers in Southern Wisconsin.

Dennis Peterson says for the past ten years he's been driving for an independent distributor, working with Golden Guernsey.

But the Monticello man now finds himself looking for a job.

"My boss called me. I was halfway to Waukesha," Peterson said while relaying how he heard about the plant closing. "He said, 'Where you are at?' I said halfway to Waukesha. And he said, 'Turn around and come back. The plant is closed.'"

Peterson says all the distributors he's talked to are in shock because they had no notice.

"Not a month, not a week, not an hour. They just closed the plant," Peterson says.

Former employees at the plant were also shocked by the news.

They say about 100 employees were told, without warning, to leave the plant Saturday morning.

Some of those workers held a demonstration in front of the plant Sunday afternoon.

Many of them, like Ben Tetzlaff, worked at Golden Guernsey for decades.

"This is like a kick right in the gut, you know just ah, bang!" Tetzlaff said. "It's ah, it's hard to believe that they would just shut down a plant, especially a fluid milk plant that just got to be run everyday basically, 'cause we have employees here seven days a week around the clock just about."

Golden Guernsey was recently purchased by a California-based investment group.

WISN in Milwaukee reports the plant provided milk for many Milwaukee-area schools, which may now have to quickly find another supplier.


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