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UPDATE: More than 50 hurt in NY ferry crash

NEW YORK (WKOW) -- Officials say about 57 people were injured in a New York City ferry crash, two critically.

Approximately 330 passengers and crew members were on the vessel when it arrived from New Jersey Wednesday morning.

Most of the injuries were minor, according to authorities.

Police say the crew passed alcohol breath tests given after the crash.

In August, the ferry's water-jet propulsion system had been replaced with a new system of propellers and rudders to save fuel costs. 


NEW YORK (WKOW) -- Police and fire officials say up to 50 people have been injured after a ferry from New Jersey struck a dock during rush hour in lower Manhattan.

News reports say the Seastreak Wall Street catamaran ferry from Atlantic Highlands, N.J., banged into the mooring as it arrived around 8:45 Wednesday morning.  Officials say one person is in critical condition with head injuries.

Many were carried out strapped to flat-board stretchers, their heads and necks immobilized.  Nearly a dozen passengers on stretchers were surrounded by emergency workers and firefighters. 

Company officials are also at the scene trying to gather more information. 

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