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Vogelsberg will stand trial for 1st degree intentional homicide

MADISON (WKOW) -- A timeline of abuse, murder and cover ups in the death of 27-year-old Matthew Graville was laid out in court Thursday. A judge ordered that his half-brother, 28-year-old Jeffrey Vogelsberg stand trial for 1st degree intentional homicide.

Among the two people who testified in the preliminary hearing was Robert McCumber, who is accused of helping hide Graville's body. He described the night of June 30 in detail for the court.

"I heard Matthew struggling -- kicking the side of the bath tub," McCumber said about an altercation he heard from the next room. "I heard Matt saying 'stop, no and don't," he told the court. The following morning, McCumber said he found Graville dead and called Vogelsberg. "He told me he wanted me to wrap Matt's body up in plastic and put him in his chest freezer in the garage," he said. McCumber said he complied out of fear because Vogelsberg threatened to hurt his loved ones. He said Vogelsberg also made him clean out the house and help bury Graville's body.

It wasn't until early November that authorities found the body in a deep grave in rural Sauk County. "I believe that the cause of Matthew Graville's death is blunt trauma of the head and torso," Chief Medical Examiner of Dane County Vincent Tranchida said in court. He also noted various bone fractures in Graville's body, that happened months before the death.

McCumber said Vogelsberg had often beat Graville with clubs, rope and even a 2x4 with "Matthew's Monitor" written on it. But he said they argued the night of June 30 because Graville wanted to follow his half-brother to the West Coast.

It took authorities almost two months to bring Vogelsberg back to Wisconsin to face charges. He was fighting his extradition in Washington state.

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