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Milk stuck in closed dairy plant

WAUKESHA (WKOW) -- Tens of thousands of gallons of milk could go to waste because it's stuck in the Golden Guernsey plant in Waukesha that shut down last weekend.

The milk, plus cottage cheese, butter and some eggs was never shipped out when the plant closed.

They're now controlled by a bankruptcy court appointed trustee in New Jersey, who says even though the products are just fine, they won't be shipped out, and they won't be given to the local Hunger Task Force because of liability concerns.

Milwaukee's Hunger Task Force Director, Sherrie Tussler, says, "It's disturbing to know that a dairy is closed in Wisconsin and it's full of milk and we're sitting here in Milwaukee in need of milk, a truckload of milk, and we can't get access to the milk."

Tussler says she plans to appeal to the trustee that there's a state law protecting donors of food products if they're given in good faith.

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