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Can milk at closed Golden Guernsey plant be used?

WAUKESHA (WKOW) -- One group says it wants to put all the milk left behind at Waukesha's closed Golden Guernsey plant to good use.

The plant closed without warning last weekend, leaving thousands of gallons of milk and other dairy products left inside.

The Hunger Task Force told WISN in Milwaukee it got the go-ahead from the state to take the milk, but that the company's attorney told them the milk was unusable because state officials had told the company to drain the ammonia from the site's refrigeration system.

"It just seems not only just tragic, but it seems like somebody's not being honest with us about the fate of the milk," said Sherrie Tussler with the Hunger Task Force. "I'm not sure if its still in the coolers. I'm not sure if its already been disposed of. It just seems wasteful."

Former Golden Guernsey workers plan to meet with their union reps Thursday morning.

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