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Armed man arrested after using women's restroom

MADISON (WKOW) -- Madison police were called to Michelangelo's on State Street Sunday morning, for a man using the women's restroom and not coming out.

26-year-old Quincy Franklin entered the coffee shop, but did not purchase anything.  He only needed to use the restroom.  The suspect says he entered the women's restroom as the men's was occupied.

As time passed, and at least one woman was prevented from using the facilities, a 48-year-old employee decided to knock on the women's restroom door.

The suspect, saying he found the rap on the door and order to depart quite disrespectful, emerged with a knife and voiced his displeasure of being hurried.

The suspect did leave the shop, but appeared to be getting ready to re-enter.  The male employee then went outside with hopes of preventing another situation.

The victim, who is trained in the martial arts, said the suspect came at him with the knife.  He took him to the ground and punched the suspect, and somehow in the process his thumb was cut.

The suspect tried to convince police he was the victim and wanted the coffee house employee arrested for attacking him.

However, following their investigation, arresting officers determined his version of events did not add up.  Besides taking the suspect to jail, the arresting officer is pushing for him to be banned from State Street.

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