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Obama's gun plan sparks reaction

MADISON (WKOW) -- Following mass shootings around the country and one that killed 20 children at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, President Obama has outlined his plan to fight gun violence.

Wednesday, he signed 23 executive orders and called on Congress to implement universal background checks, crack down on those selling guns to criminals and ban military-style assault weapons and ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

The president's proposal quickly sparked praise and criticism. "It's cosmetic. It doesn't mean a thing," Grampa's Gun Shop owner Larry Gleasman said. "The best defense against a crazy guy with a gun is a sane guy with a gun," Gleasman said. He doesn't believe the President's measures will work. "Guns are just one way of killing people. There's lots of ways of killing people," Gleasman said.

With the gun control debate front and center, Gleasman said there's been a bump in sales at his Madison shop. "Now's kind of the peak time to buy one," Santana Marroquin, who was shopping for an assault rifle Wednesday, said.

While skeptics are speaking out against Obama's plan, so are supporters. "These deaths were tragic and they were preventable," Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence Executive Director Patti Seger said.

For victims of domestic violence, she believes the call for universal background checks is the most meaningful provision. Guns are the number one weapon used in domestic homicides. The need for that law, she said, was evident in the Brookfield Salon domestic-related shooting in October.

"That offender had an active restraining order and was able to purchase the gun through a private party sale on the internet," Seger said. Seger said the Coalition will also now be able to use grant money through the CDC to research guns and domestic violence because of one of President Obama's 23 executive orders.

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