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Madison man attempts to sell stolen bike on Craigslist

MADISON (WKOW) -- Madison police and a 64-year-old woman set up a sting to get the woman's stolen bicycle back.

The sting took place Friday afternoon.  The victim had previously reported the $645 bike missing from a her storage area on Segoe Road.  She later found it for sale on Craigslist.

The seller claimed, in an email exchange, "This bike is an excellent deal.  I'm only selling it because I'm unemployed and about to be evicted."  He told the victim he had gotten the bike as a Christmas gift and was willing to part with it for $300.

The woman arranged to take the bike, hers, for a test ride.  It was agreed this would happen at a specific address on Orchard Street.

What the seller did not know, was police officers watched the entire operation.

Once the victim knew for certain the bike was hers, the suspect was arrested.  He now claims to have found it abandoned in a snow bank.  52-year-old Randall Wallace was arrested for receiving stolen property.

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