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27 Kids Who Matter - Tionne and Erin

MADISON (WKOW) -- Throughout 2013, WKOW Channel 27 will be helping highlight the need for mentors through our partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Dane County(BBBS) in the "27 Kids Who matter" campaign.

We will be profiling a different big and little pairing every other week, with the first being Erin and Tionne.

We caught up with the pair last week, and learned that they were matched in July of 2012 and that their biological sisters are matched, as well.

"My sister is paired with Tionne's little sister," Big Sister Erin told us.

Their biological sisters were going to a UW Band concert, but had two extra tickets and asked if their respective sisters wanted to come along. big sister for a few months, but her Big was moving away.

"In the car Tionne asked me, 'Have you ever thought about being a big sister?'" Erin said. "And I said, 'Yeah, I've thought about it.' She put me on the spot and asked, 'Why not?' And I didn't have a good answer for her."

Turns out Tionne had a big sister for a few months, but her Big was moving away. Tionne asked Erin's biological sister if she thought Erin would want to be her new Big.

"When I found out Tionne wanted me, I had no hesitation," Erin said.

Since then, the two have stayed busy doing all sorts of activities together, usually on weekends. We caught up with them this weekend playing put-put, but Tionne says they enjoy lots of activities.

"Skating, ice skating, laser-tagging, plays," she said. "We went to Charlotte's Web."

Erin says they have a few more plays lined up for 2013 and that she also made a resolution for the two of them to volunteer together. She says she will come up with a list and let Tionne choose what she wants to do.

Erin says she likes how Tionne is keeping her active. And Tionne, a 6th grader at Sherman Middle School, says Erin helps with her math homework.

"She told me she was not good at doing math and she used to use a calculator," Tionne said. "I used to do the same thing, but now I don't."

When Tionne was asked recently by a match Support Specialist her thoughts on her Big Sister, her response was, "She never gives up on me."

For more on the 27 Kids Who Matter campaign and our corresponding telethon on Monday, January 28, you can click here.

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