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Pridemore wants local school boards to decide on security

MADISON (WKOW) -- State Rep. Don Pridemore (R-Erin), the only candidate challenging Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction(DPI) Superintendent Tony Evers, says individual school boards should have the right to decide the type of security they have in their schools.

"School boards should be given the freedom to hire a competent, well trained school official or employee who is experienced with applying force whenever force is required.  Police Officers, either retired or still on duty, that are trained to respond to school safety situations are the best example of such a qualified person," Rep. Pridemore writes in a statement released Thursday morning.

Pridemore goes on to write that DPI should not play the role it currently does in the decision making process.

"The availability of qualified people will be different but the rules and the criteria established for choosing this ‘Safety Officer or Protection Service', should rest in the hands of the local community and not with DPI or any other level of government. DPI can certainly make recommendations on how to proceed but the final decision should be made by the local officials and must be a priority in today's world," writes Pridemore.


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