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Father's tip about burglary leads to son's arrest

PORTAGE (WKOW) -- A father's tip about burglary leads to his own son's arrest. Police say Don Helper noticed something was wrong in the home he shares with another tenant. He made a call to let them know.

A police investigation was launched at 529 West Pleasant Street in late January. Police say Helper and his son live upstairs and the victim lives below.

Police say after matching footprints inside the home to one of the suspects -- three teens were arrested, including Helper's 17-year-old son, Richard.

Police say it's fortunate they were notified early on. "We were able to clear it up right away, recover the property and solve it," Detective Lieutenant Mark Hahn says.

Helper, 19-year-old Frederick Harvey III, and 17-year-old Yancy McMurray now face a felony burglary charge. Hahn says they found the home was broken into twice and the teens stole alcohol, jewelry and some money.

"The father did the right thing," Hahn says.

Court records show all three teens are out of jail on signature bonds. They're due back in court on February 25.

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