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Oak Creek lieutenant first on scene of temple shooting receives commendation

MILWAUKEE (WKOW) -- Oak Creek Police Lieutenant Brian Murphy received a commendation during the Milwaukee County Board meeting Thursday evening.

You'll remember Lt. Murphy was the first police officer on the scene of the Sikh Temple shooting in Oak Creek August 5. He was shot 15 times by the gunman. The gunman killed six worshippers inside the temple.

Lt. Murphy was greeted with a standing ovation while he accepted his commendation from the Milwaukee County Board. He said as he got up there, "I'll keep this short. My singing voice isn't what it used to be."

Bullets shattered Lt. Murphy's vocal chords. He was also hit in the arms, legs, head and vest. He told WISN in Milwaukee, "I'm well. Everything seems to be going along as good as possible."

It's unclear whether Lt. Murphy will be returning to work anytime soon. "That's all in the doctors' hands. It's up to them to make a full evaluation. I have to go for more medical testing but to be honest, I don't know how sunny the outlook is there and I'm okay with that."

Lt. Murphy tells WISN if he doesn't return to the force, he might teach.

He told the county board there was no great honor than to serve your fellow man. "If any of my actions resulted in the benefiting of others, that's what it was meant to do."

Lt. Murphy says his focus now is on his family and getting better.

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