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Does It Work? -- OrGREENiC Pan

MADISON (WKOW) -- It's the pan that promises no sticking, no scrubbing, and no hassle cooking, no matter what! The OrGREENiC pan is one of the most talked about 'As Seen on TV' items. Elishah Oesch put it to the test to answer the question the question, "Does it work?" Elishah cooked up some answers with one local family wondering the same thing.  

If you watch TV at all chances are you've heard of it. The pan that claims not to require butter, or oil to cook is environmentally safe and keeps food from sticking. It also claims to make clean up a snap.

Busy mom, Dana Van Enkenvort is all about the features of the so called, OrGREENiC Pan. She has plenty of hungry mouths to feed, including eight year old Ally, and seven year old Breanna. "They love to cook in the kitchen with me," says Dana. If the OrGREENiC pan really works, it could make Dana's love of cooking increase too. "I've heard some good things about it and how you don't have to use any oils on it and nothing should be sticking in the pan and I'm excited to find out about it," says Dana.

So, we put the OrGREENiC pan to the test with Dana and company. First, the directions. You need to pre-season the pan with vegetable oil at 300 degrees in the oven, for one hour. Then, wipe away all the excess oil. Then start cooking.

We chose the family favorite, crepes! After making a few of them, it's clear that crepes flip well and they come off easy. Not to mention, yes, you can actually blow them off of the pan and onto a plate. After tasting several, the family agrees that the taste is just as good as with other pans.

But what about the heavier food good items. We decided to test out sausages and hash browns too. With these items, the pan was very good. "It's slippery enough that it's hard to get them from the pan to the plate!" But, again Dana rates the pan a success.

So what about the old stand-by: eggs? The commercial makes them look like the easiest thing of all. "Wow! That's amazing. It is so awesome," says Dana. The eggs flip well and don't stick, but in all honesty ours were not as pretty as in the commercial. Still, they tasted good.

So after all of that, what's Dana's verdict on its cooking ability? "I'd rate it an 'A'" she says.

As for clean up, you can wipe- and go. However, the makers recommend hand washing in warm soapy water periodically. That means the dishwasher is out, which could put a damper on some people's interest. However, Dana says it's not a deal breaker for her. "I think its a lifetime pan. It cooks really well and food does not stick, to it or burn," she says.

As for being environmentally safe, OrGREENic is PFOA free, which according to the EPA's website, can cause  developmental problems and harm the environment. In addition, OrGREENiC is made from ceramic, so it can withstand high temps without producing toxic substances.

So, after looking at all the claims and testing the pan out, Dana gives the OrGREENiC pan 4 stars out of 4 on our scale. But, just to make sure the pan wasn't a one hit wonder, we left it with Dana and her family for a week. She cooked several things from pancakes, to casseroles, to a chicken dish. Her opinion of the pan only improved.

The pan cost us $31.64 at Bed Bath and Beyond, including tax. However, you can find it cheaper online. We did look around the Internet for other reviews. There were some good and some bad reviews. For the negatives, the main issue was usually with the 'non-stick' claim when it came to making eggs. In one case, a person reported the product was non-stick for the first few uses, and then gradually got worse. To see more reviews, click here. To learn more about the OrGREENiC pan, you can view their website by clicking here.


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