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3 firefighters dragged by car responding to 911 call

MILWAUKEE (WKOW) -- Three Milwaukee firefighters were taken to a hospital after being dragged by a car during a medical call.

Deputy Fire Chief Jack Christianson said the firefighters responded to a call for a possible overdose on Sunday afternoon. He said when the crews arrived the patient was outside a car and appeared to be impaired and under the influence.

When firefighters approached, the man became agitated, got in the car and tried to drive away as firefighters clung to the car.

"They felt it was unsafe for him to get behind the wheel of that car, so they attempted to hold him up," Christianson said. "He broke loose, got into the car and he started the car.  They tried pulling the keys out of the car, in the meantime, one of our firefighters jumped into the back seat to try and restrain him, and he managed to get the car in drive, and they ended up being dragged down the street a ways."

The three injured firefighters were not expected to return to duty Sunday night, but Christianson said they appeared to have only minor injuries.  A Milwaukee police officer on the scene said the patient was stopped and taken to a local hospital for evaluation.


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