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Does It Work: The Ahh Bra

MADISON (WKOW) -- It's a dilemma many women face: a good bra is hard to find. From twisting, to pulling, to poor fits, the problems with bras can be endless.

The Ahh Bra promises to improve function and comfort. Elishah Oesch put those claims to the test with two area women, a hardworking woman and a local stylist to find out, "Does It Work?"

The Ahh Bra claims to feature breakthrough body-forming technology that eliminates rolls and bra lines. That's something Jennifer Becker, a U-W employee is interested in. 

"Just sitting down all day, it's important to have support and comfort," says Jennifer. "Support right here because the underarm bulges, they get me every time."

Urban Darling Stylist and model, Sonya Forsythe say, "finding the right bra for your body is important." She says, it can make or break your outfit and comfort level. "It's kinda like a foundation. Like think of a house without a foundation. It sounds so deep, but its true."  

With bras, you need to look for the right size and, as Sonya says, a good amount of "lift! It's very important! The other thing to look for is seamlessness."

So, what should you expect to pay? According to Sonya, "I would say between $30.00 and $60.00 dollars for a decent bra."

The Ahh Bra costs $59.99 on the website, but we found it on sale at Walmart for $10.00. Ahh Bra's site has an online sizing chart. As for no twisting, pulling, underarm bulges, and increased comfort, we had both ladies give it a try. They modeled three different outfits. First up,was Jennifer.

She observed, "it's comfortable, the straps stay up, this is better for the underarm thing, but it rolls a little bit underneath so the band doesn't stay flat." Some good and bad points.

What about a V-neck shirt? Jennifer says, "I thought the neckline was going to be too low and the bra would show, but that's not the case!" Afterwards we looked at the all important dress! "In this dress, it feels fine."

Time to move onto our stylist from Urban Darling, Sonya. Her initial reaction was, "I'm surprised at the comfort factor! it's definitely comfortable, but I don't feel the lift. Still I'm used to underwire, so that could be it." So again, good and bad points. As for Sonya's V-neck, she noted, "I'm surprised that you can't see it!" However, there's still one problem. "I kinda would like to see more 'umph' you know what I mean?" Sonya's thoughts were the same after look three. But, just to be sure we sent them both home with the bras for a week and told them to launder it too.

Afterwards, we checked back in for results. When asked if they loved it or hated it after a week's worth of wear both ladies said, "I hate it!" It was a pretty strong statement, so we wanted to know why.

Jennifer said, "the first day it rubbed right here and left red marks." Sonya, "I wouldn't wear it outside the house! To be honest, I have a kid and I nurse and I need support"

Jennifer adds, "I actually brought my normal bra so I can change out of this one."

So, on our scale of one of four stars, Jennifer gives it, "a one, if I can't rate it a zero." Sonya rates it, "a four for comfort and durability for me, however, a one for the overall."

So, overall that's a one out of four stars for the Ahh Bra.

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