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Felony charges against Smith in Capitol threat case

MADISON (WKOW) -- A Madison man arrested in the state Capitol with what he told authorities were Molotov cocktails was charged Wednesday with two felony crimes.

Bail was set for 21-year-old Kvon Smith at $1,000 on charges including attempting to possess a Molotov cocktail and carrying a concealed weapon.

Authorities said just hours before Governor Walker's State of the State address last month, Smith took a backpack into the Capitol with what he told police officers contained Molotov cocktails. A portion of the building was sealed off and a hazardous materials team handled the backpack and its contents.

A criminal complaint states Smith told an arresting officer he had a lighter in his pocket and intended to light substances in four, glass bottles.

A Madison Fire department official told madison.com devices in the backpack were not flammable or explosive.

Authorities said they were tipped off to Smith's intentions by someone who had seen a Facebook video from Smith, with Smith showing the allegedly explosive devices.


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