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Jeremy Wand's trial date set

DARLINGTON (WKOW) -- Jeremy Wand's trial date was set during a hearing at the Lafayette County courthouse Wednesday, with jury selection set for to begin on July 12 and the trial on July 13.

The judge also granted a motion from the defense to bring in a jury from another county, though it has not been determined from which county the jury will be filled.

"When you have this young man, tainted with this kind of crime, it's gonna be hard to find an objective jury so the more distance we have from this other individual, the better -- especially now that he's plead guilty," Jeremy Wand's attorney Frank Medina told WKOW.

Jeremy Wand and his brother, Armin Wand III, were both charged with arson and multiple counts of homicide in a fire at Armin's home in Argyle. The fire killed Armin's three sons and his unborn child. His daughter and wife survived, though his wife, Sharon, suffered serious injuries.

Last Friday, Armin Wand avoided trial by reaching a deal with prosecutors and pleading guilty to one count of arson, three counts of first degree intentional homicide, one count of attempted first degree homicide and one count of felony murder. Medina says as of now, there's been no plea agreement offer for his client.

Jeremy Wand will also appear in court on May 10 for a motion to suppress statements.



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