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COPY-Does It Work: Li Lash

MADISON (WKOW) -- Most women want longer fuller lashes, but they're not always easy to come by. Li Lash is one produce that claims to give you 'sexy' lashes in four to six weeks. Elishah Oesch joined up with one local stylist to find out, 'Does It Work?'  

Whether it's Kim Kardashian or any other celebrity, most women love those long 'movie star' lashes! Reagan Johnson is one of them, saying, "I just wanted to have longer lashes." Reagan says, she didn't like her natural lashes. So, she wanted a new look. Here's a picture of her lashes back in October of 2012, before she tried to enhance them.

"I thought about Latisse but I didn't want to go to a doctor for a prescription. I thought that extensions are a pain and you have to reapply all the time. Then I remembered that we had Li Lash here and I wanted to give it a try," says Reagan. Reagan works as a hair stylist at Anui. She chose Li Lash because it was easy to buy at the salon or online, and it's easy to apply.

"I just apply it like liquid eyeliner. I put it on like this, and only to the top part of my lid, and never to the bottom part." Li Lash is applied once daily, morning or night. Reagan started using the product in November, and then "about two months later, at the end of January, I noted the difference. That's when people started complimenting me."

As for side effects, Reagan didn't have any. But, that's not the case for everyone. So, we checked in with a professional at Dean West Clinic.

Dr. Robert McDonald has been working on people's eyes for more than 30 years. He says, "that's the risk of all eyelash products. Products have to have ingredients and ingredients can cause allergies in sensitive people." Dr McDonald is a dermatologist and says, Li Lash, like other such products can cause redness or darkening of the skin. It is not FDA approved and if you are prone to styes, or have extremely sensitive eyes it can cause, "blepharitis, or inflammation of the eye."

Still, Reagan says those are not deterrent for her. After three months of use she is more than satisfied with the results and loves the product. On our scale of one out of four stars for 'Does It Work,' she gives it, "four stars! I have no side effects and I like it. I'm going to keep using it and recommending it to people."

Li Lash sells for $140.00 on the website for a six month supply. Reagan says, when you consider the cost of extensions, which are a continual fee of $20 to $30 dollars every week to fill, or in her opinion, the annoyance of having to apply fake lashes sometimes daily, it's a bargain to her.

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