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Man accused of strangling wife waives hearing


RACINE (WKOW) – A Racine man accused of killing his wife and setting fire to himself and a house has waived his preliminary hearing.

Joseph Guerrero is accused of strangling Bianca Vite at a Mount Pleasant home one of his relatives had rented.  Prosecutors say the 36-year-old was drinking and taking pills before arguing with his 21-year-old wife.

According to a criminal complaint, Vite scratched Guerrero in the face, so he grabbed her around the neck and threw her against a wall.  Guerrero said he tried to revive her but she wouldn't wake up.

Authorities say Guerrero passed out and when he woke up he lit the furniture, carpeting and himself on fire.  As the fire began to spread, Guerrero left the house.

According to the Journal Times, Guerrero's arraignment is set for April 18.

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