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Prosecutors say videotape shows babysitter hitting baby


MARATHON COUNTY, WI (WKOW) -- Prosecutors say they have videotaped evidence of a babysitter beating a four-month-old boy.

Nineteen-year-old Jennifer Cronin, of Rothschild, faces felony child abuse charges in the case.

A criminal complaint filed in Marathon County says the infant's father installed a secret video camera because he was concerned Cronin wasn't carefully watching his children after the baby's two-year-old brother fell down some steps.

The parents called police after reviewing some of the videotape.

The complaint states Cronin repeatedly struck the baby in the head and face while the infant was in a swing, and grabbed the boy's wrist and violently yanked him from the floor into the air.

Cronin's attorney says the allegations are "totally out of character" for her.

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