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27 Kids Who Matter: Jaqwaun and Ed

MADISON (WKOW) -- Jaqwaun and Ed prove that age doesn't matter when it comes to friendship. The Big Brothers Big Sisters "School Friends" are committed to spending time together.

"He's fun, he's smart, he knows a lot of things," Jaqwaun says about his Big Brother. The 13-year-old student was paired up with Ed Murray last year.

"He and I, we kind of clicked right away. He's a very talented young man," Ed says. Because they participate in the School Friends program, Ed and Jaqwaun meet once a week after school. Ed says he felt the program would be one way he could give back to young people in the community. "He has a genuine friendship with me. There's no pulling no punches, we talk about everything."

"Sometimes he makes me smile when I'm mad or something. He tells some jokes and stuff," Jaqwaun says. After being paired up for a year, the two decided to start meeting outside of school. They've been to a hockey game and the opera. During the holidays they built a ginger bread house. Jaqwaun kept it, but never ate it.

Jaqwaun doesn't necessarily want to be a chef but he does want to play football. "We always talk about what he would like and what he wants to do," Ed says.

Jaqwaun says, "He like teaches me things that I need to know about when I get older."

Ed says he plans on taking Jaqwaun to the symphony very soon. The pair will join Dani Maxwell on Wake Up Wisconsin Friday morning.



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