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Madison man lies to get out of ticket; citations issued


MADISON (WKOW) -- Rushing to St. Mary's Hospital February 17, to witness the birth of his niece or nephew, a 22-year-old man was very apologetic when he got pulled over for speeding.

The man stated he didn't even know how fast he was going, he was just "so excited" he could only "picture the baby."

The Madison officer who pulled him over, informed the man he was traveling around 100 mph on the West Beltline.

The officer explained that he was concerned for not only the driver's safety, but also the safety of his passenger and the general public.  Since the anxious driver was on the way to the hospital, the officer would let him go with a warning, for now.  

The driver was told, if it was determined he was lying, the officer would make sure he would receive a speeding citation and a citation for not being truthful, or obstructing. 

When the officer witnessed the driver not turn off and heat toward St. Mary's, he later checked with the hospital.  Staff could find no record of a baby being born in the time frame of the traffic stop, and no imminent births were expected in the time period after contact.

The officer then checked in with that driver's probation agent and informed her of the situation.  Earlier this month, the probation agent contacted the officer and told him during a visit with her client, he admitted to making up the story and the real reason he was speeding was because of an argument with a friend.  He told his agent he was "rushing to his grandfather's grave."

On March 13th, as promised, the officer delivered citations to the driver at his home.

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