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Passenger alerts Metro bus driver of sexual assault


MADISON (WKOW) -- A Madison Metro bus passenger notified the driver of a sexual assault taking place on the bus shortly before 6:00 Thursday evening.

The witness was saying something didn't seem right.  He could see a man seated next to a woman.  She was telling him to stop as he was trying to kiss her.  The 33-year-old witness also noticed the man had his hand down the woman's pants.

After alerting the driver, the suspect was ordered to move to another seat.  He did, but continued to call out the woman to join him. 

The suspect got off the bus at East Towne Mall, and that's when the witness called 911.  The witness spotted a Madison police officer parked nearby and told him what he witnessed.  The officer boarded the bus and determined the victim is cognitively disabled and had just been sexually assaulted.

As other officers responded, the suspect was located inside the mall.  The witness positively identified him. 

51-year-old Kennedy Harris was released from prison earlier this week.  When asked about the incident on the bus, he stated he did nothing wrong, he just met a new friend.  

The arresting officer later learned the victim functions at the level of a 5 to 7 year old child.  The MPD would like to thank the citizen witness and the bus driver for intervening on behalf of the victim.  

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