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Fallone, Evers are guests on Capitol City Sunday


MADISON (WKOW) -- The spring general election is just over a week away in Wisconsin and candidates for the two biggest races are guests on Capitol City Sunday this week.
All eyes will be on the race for Justice Pat Roggensack's Supreme Court seat and her opponent joins Capitol Bureau Chief Greg Neumann this week to talk about why he feels she needs to go.

Marquette University Law Professor Ed Fallone says his message is getting through to Wisconsin voters.

"Going to Marshfield, Stevens Point, all the way as far west as La Crosse and Eau Claire.  And at every stop on the way, people have been telling me the things I've been talking about since the start of the campaign, the dysfunction on the court," said Fallone.

Fallone says that dysfunction stems from the Supreme Court's failure to handle a disciplinary case against Justice David Prosser, who is accused of choking Justice Ann Walsh Bradley in June of 2011.  Four justices have now recused themselves from ruling in that case.

"The result of the recusals, led by Justice Roggensack who was the first one to recuse, is that the entire case is in legal limbo," said Fallone.  "And that's what people around the state are frustrated about.  Its been almost two years, and they're wondering why there's still no accountability."

In the second half of the show, Department of Public Instruction Superintendent Dr. Tony Evers joins me to discuss his re-election bid.  That comes amidst a new education budget proposal from Governor Scott Walker (R-Wisconsin), which Evers finds troubling.

"We've been held $500 less per pupil last time frozen this time with not even keeping up with inflation, yes, we have to move forward," said Dr. Evers.

That plan, which shifts more state dollars into private voucher schools is supported by Evers opponent, Rep. Don Pridemore (R-Hartford).

"His position on that is he thinks schools have too much money, in fact he said his goal - number one goal - is to make the public schools as good as the voucher schools.  Well, what he tends to forget is voucher schools are here (lower), public schools are here (higher)," said Dr. Evers.

You can see more on Capitol City Sunday at 9:00 a.m. on WKOW 27.

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