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Bail set for Green Co. child abuse suspect


GREEN COUNTY (WKOW) -- A Green County judge set bail at $8,000 for a Belleville man charged with several counts of child abuse.

Eric Wade, 23, was in court on Monday afternoon. He faces three counts of child abuse including false imprisonment, misdemeanor battery, and strangulation for an incident early Friday morning.

Green County authorities say deputies responded to a possible domestic situation at a home in the town of Exeter. Wade's 17-year-old girlfriend told officials Wade choked her, head-butted her a number of times and pulled her hair. Officers observed dark red marks on the girl's neck near her throat, along with scratches and bruising on her right hip. The girl also told police she coughed up blood after she was choked, saying she thought she was going to die.

The girl told police the hip injuries occurred when Wade continuously pushed her down when she would try to get up and escape.

Wade told officials the two lived together and had been dating on and off for five years. That night, Wade said the couple had just returned from a concert and got into an argument, which escalated quickly.

Wade has been ordered to have no contact with the victim or visit her employer. Wade will return to court on April 17th for a preliminary hearing.

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