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WI Dairy News: Red whey fuels Wisconsin athletes

MADISON (WKOW) -- When the UW athletic department approached the Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research to create a nutritional beverage for their athletes that contains Door County cherry juice, K. J. Burrington was ready for the challenge.

What K. J. created is called Red Whey. The beverage works great for athletes because amino acids in dairy whey protein are metabolized in the muscle, and responsible for triggering muscle protein synthesis that aids muscle recovery.

But this tasty beverage is not only for athletes, it has benefits for others as well.

"There are three big consumer groups that whey protein can help," K. J. said. "One is the athletes for muscle recovery, the second would be people that are interested in weight management, and then the third is the aging population."

So whether you're working out to build lean muscle mass, eating right to lose weight, or trying to maintain muscle mass as you age, Red Whey really packs a punch!

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