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Man threatens Oregon High School students with a hammer


OREGON (WKOW) -- Three Oregon High School students (ages 16, 16 and 17) were driving a vehicle around noon Tuesday when they yelled to an individual taking his trash out.

At that time, the man ran to his vehicle and began pursuing the students.  The teens witnessed the individual run a stop sign, nearly causing an accident.

The students pulled into a driveway on Orchard Drive, hoping to back out and park on the street.  The suspect immediately pulled his vehicle in behind them, preventing them from backing up.  As one of the students exited the vehicle, he placed a cup of soda on the ground, and observed the suspect exit his vehicle.  The man went to the rear of his vehicle and removed a hammer from the trunk.

The suspect, with hammer in hand, began approaching the students' vehicle.  He then grabbed the soda off the ground and threw it into the vehicle while yelling obscenities at the teens. 

Another student then exited the vehicle and the man grabbed him by the sweatshirt and raised the hammer.

That's when the third student exited and shouted at the suspect for fear he was going to strike his friend with the hammer.  The suspect released his grip, walked over to the third teen and, with a closed fist, struck him in the face.  When the student yelled he was going to call the police, the suspect walked to his vehicle and drove away.

The students immediately reported the incident to the Oregon Police Department.  Police were able to identify the suspect based on victims' statements.  When they made contact, the suspect indicated he had driven to Milwaukee for work and would come to the department later in the evening for an interview.

The suspect voluntarily went to the department to be interviewed that night.  He stated he was startled and angered when the students yelled at him, and his reaction was to immediately chase them down.  When he made contact with the teens, he admitted to threatening one with a hammer with the hope of "scaring him".  The suspect also admitted to striking another in the face.  "I think I taught them a lesson."

The suspect was booked into the Dane County Jail on one count of battery and three counts of disorderly conduct while armed.  He was also issued a traffic citation for reckless driving. 

His name isn't being released at this time, as he has not yet been formally charged.

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